Awesome YouTube App Features You Probably Aren't Using

It can be easy to take the YouTube app with no consideration. It’s been there for years, commencing movies while you click on a hyperlink, and receding into the background whilst you’re accomplished. however, the YouTube app can do greater than serve video hyperlinks, and also you’re probably not coming anywhere close to taking complete advantage of the app’s competencies. let’s see what we can do about that.

Double-tap to skip ahead
It may be difficult to get to just the right spot in a video with the inherent inaccuracy of a touchscreen, however YouTube has a touch-recognized function that will let you get there. All you have to do is double-tap at the video to robotically skip forward 10 seconds. in case you discover that’s not working well for you, head to the settings and change the skip time.

You’ll locate this option in the standard YouTube settings close to the top. The options for Double-tap to seek range from 5 to 60 seconds, so that you have to be able to find something that works for you.

Background play
Now and again you don’t want to see the video part of a YouTube video because the audio is actually what’s of interest. users had to pester Google for years to get a native background playback option, and it exists now. but, it’s part of the YouTube red subscription. if you’ve got red, you can take advantage of this feature. alternatively, you could turn it off because it can be a little disturbing.

When you’re logged in with a red account, in reality hit the home button while watching a video and the audio will hold in the background. in case you don’t want that to show up, visit YouTube app settings and go into background and downloads. select Playback and set it to Off. The alternative: YouTube also helps simplest streaming background audio while your device is connected to headphones or an external speaker. choose that in case you think you may use background play in such a way.

Limit mobile data utilization
Watching some YouTube videos may be a good manner to kill a couple minutes while on the cross. however, those movies can use more data than you may assume, and that could put you over your month-to-month data cap. fortunately, YouTube has a setting that can prevent that from ever happening.

Eke more video out of your month-to-month data cap with this feature.

Open the YouTube app settings and go into the overall settings. at the top is a toggle to limit mobile data usage. turn that on, and YouTube will handiest flow in standard video  when you’re now not connected to.

View in Cardboard
YouTube has a fair range of 360-degree videoswi these days. They work on laptop and mobile devices, however the revel in can be fundamentally better on mobile thanks to easilywi reachable VR. All you want is a Google Cardboard viewer or a Daydream headset. look for a 360-degree video and tap the cardboard icon inside the lower-right corner. There’s also a shortcut in the video settings whilst you tap the menu button and choose View in Cardboard. either way, it really works just wireless in a Daydream headset, too.

Technically, all this option does is boot the video player into split left and right pix. The movement of your telephone lets you circulate your head to go searching within the video. you could use this same choice to watch a everyday video in VR, however simplest via the menu button. these non-immersive videos play in a floating window that seems like a giant display screen when you’ve got the phone connected in your face.

Download Video
by far the most requested feature in YouTube through the years has been a way to down load videos for offline viewing. Like background playback, this was only delivered alongside YouTube red. which means you want a subscription to have access to downloads, however it’s nearly really worth the rate all by means of itself.

To be continued...

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