Former Barcelona Midfielder has Finally completed his move to a japanese team named Visssel Kobe

Andres Iniesta was presented with his shirt by Vissel Kobe owner Hiroshi Mikitani.

Barcelona legend Andres Iniesta said he dismissed offers from elsewhere to join Vissel Kobe because they showed they had "trust and confidence" in him.

The 34-year-old completed his move to the Japanese top-flight side after leaving Barca, where he spent 22 years.

"I had a lot of offers, other clubs showed an interest in me," said the Spain international, who is reported to be on a $30m (£22.39m) annual salary.

"I chose Vissel Kobe because it was an interesting project."

He added: "There was also a lot of trust and confidence in me as a person and also as a player - that was a big reason."

Kobe owner Hiroshi Mikitani said Iniesta help the next generation of players.

He said: "I am confident Iniesta's philosophy, leadership and DNA will be a terrific inspiration, not only for Kobe but Japanese football society."

Mikitani added: "We look forward to Iniesta not only strengthening the team's performance but also contributing to the development of the next generation of players through the introduction of the Iniesta methodology to the youth academy.

"We believe his decision to come to Japan will have a major impact, not just on Vissel Kobe, but on football in Japan and Asia."

'I'm very proud to see this day'

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